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About me

Since 1994, I have volunteered with Mercy Ships and have traveled all over Africa and Europe.  I am an educator and I love to capture images of my journeys.  My wife and twin daughters keep me busy and fulfilled.  I also like to work in my garden in Texas when I do not live on a ship.

Why "boubakarexplores" as a name and why do I have a penguin in my logo?

While traveling in the interior of Guinea, West Africa, a friend was trying to introduce me to a local man from the Fula people group.  My name did not translate well in the Pular language, so my friend introduced me as Boubakar, a name common in the local culture.  Since I do like to take pictures of my travels, "boubakarexplores" seemed right for a name to display my creative side!


The use of a penguin in my logo is a result of many years of teaching elementary school.  A student saw that I was interested in penguins once and so for the past 25 years, other students and now friends always give me penguin or penguin branded items.


Enjoy my images and please comment when you have time,






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